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First Annual SWANA Badger Chapter YP Awards

Due to the growth in the membership of the Young Professionals (YP) the Wisconsin SWANA Badger Chapter Board of Directors decided at the end of last year to begin recognizing an individual YP member each year…thus nominations were requested.  For the First Annual SWANA Badger Chapter YP Award the Board Subcommittee selected Roxanne Wienkes.  

Roxanne Wienkes Award RecipientRoxanne Wienkes, EIT
TRC Environmental Corporation
Roxanne graduated from UW-Madison with a B.S. degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering in 2011.  Since graduation she has worked at TRC in their Solid Waste Group where she has been working with both closed and active landfill projects; providing permitting, design and construction quality control services; as well as landfill gas and leachate recirculation system design for municipal and industrial waste facilities.  She is a SWANA member, the Badger Chapter YP Liaison, and serves on the Badger Chapter Board and the Membership Committee.  She has presented at WIRMC, attended the 2013 SWANA Landfill Gas Conference as well as the SWANA Landfill Gas Conference with WASTECON in 2014, where she represented the Wisconsin Badger Chapter contingent.  Within SWANA, Roxanne has been extremely active.  For her first task as Chapter YP Liaison, she thought of and organized the first YP social event a little over a year ago.  At the time our Board was cautiously optimistic.  But the event was a big success, and it led to much further growth of our YP efforts.  We had many people attend the first event; young and experienced; SWANA members and non-members.  This led to several non-members starting to meet, helping to plan SWANA events, and eventually getting involved in the Chapter Board and subcommittees.  Before 2014, we almost never had non-Board members call in for our monthly Board meetings.  Now, it is a regular occurrence.  It is really refreshing and exciting to see this

The other nominees included Phillip Gearing and Amanda Haffele.  Selected comments contained in their nomination recommendations are included below.  Both Phil and Amanda will be automatically considered for next year’s Annual SWANA Badger Chapter YP Award.      

Phil Geering Award RecipientPhillip Gearing, EIT
SCS Engineers
"Mr. Gearing represents the best of the young professionals working within Wisconsin’s solid waste industry.  Phil is the nucleus of our solid waste engineering team in Madison and brings his Midwestern work ethic along with a passion for our environment to bear on the daily challenges of work and family….”



Amanda Haffele - Award RecipientAmanda Haffele, Recycling Specialist
Dunn County
“Amanda’s contributions to our Solid Waste Division, our community and beyond have been monumental.  Her passion and enthusiasm for the industry are evident in whatever project she tackles….”



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