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Joining SWANA is one decision that we truly believe can have a profound impact on your career. You will have the chance to network with colleagues from throughout North America and gain access to two top publications filled with timely and valuable information. SWANA offers discounts on top-of-the-line training events and educational products. In addition, SWANA provides accessibility to information via online training and focuses on issues that matter to you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Member Services Team at 1-800-GO-SWANA or visit

In 2017 SWANA National decided to provide free membership to all students! If you know any students that would benefit from being a member of SWANA please encourage them to join.

SWANA National Membership

SWANA serves more than 8,000 solid waste professionals throughout North America with:

  • Industry-leading conferences

  • Certifications

  • Publications

  • Technical training courses

Whether you work for a public or private organization, are in management or operations, have an interest in all aspects of solid waste or just one - you’ll benefit in many ways by being a SWANA member.

How to sign up for the Badger Chapter? - click on the link below, an option to choose Badger Chapter will be provided along the way.



Membership in your local chapter is one of SWANA’s most valuable benefits. Each of our current 45 chapters was formed with one goal in mind – to give you, as a member, a unified voice where it matters most; your own back yard. 



Involvement in your local chapter means:

  • Involvement in your community

  • Networking opportunities

  • Discounts on all local SWANA chapter training registration fees

  • Staying on top of all the local regulation changes and technology advances

  • Easy access to training opportunities


Use the button on the left for an online sign-up option.


YP's are a group of individuals who represent the future of the solid waste industry. They are passionate about the environment, our industry, and helping each other succeed. YP's are eager to offer advice, brainstorm ideas, develop solutions, and share in the struggles and triumphs of working in this business.


A "Young Professional" is defined as an individual in the solid waste industry 35 or younger. That's actual age, not just how you feel.

CLICK HERE to see what the Badger Chapter of Young Professionals have been up to.

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